The Tech in Tech Trekker

An education program providing technology access to K-12 students
in Las Vegas

Perfect for your classroom; we have fully equipped lessons with engaging technology giving students new views on the engineering and science world around them. We hope to spur curiosity and passion in students to thrive in a tech-filled modern world.

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Tech Trekker Lessons on the Go

Engaging and challenging lessons for all

Lessons are aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and are designed to engage students in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math through hands-on activities.

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Tech Trekker Activities

Engineering Design Activities

Whether at home or in a classroom, you can have fun creating structures and other objects using the engineering design process!

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We are a team of faculty and students in fields ranging from engineering to education who are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology to students of the Las Vegas community Read more

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Recommended Lessons for the Equipment

These lessons are suggested ways to use the Tech Trekker equipment in classrooms. Teachers are welcome to design their own lessons using the equipment.