1. How does the Tech Trekker program work?
  2. http://techtrekker.egr.unlv.edu/reserve.html

  3. How do I request the Tech Trekker?
  4. http://techtrekker.egr.unlv.edu/reserve.html

  5. Where do I find the Interest Form on the website?
  6. You can find this under the “Forms and Documents” section.
    Interest Form Survey

  7. How do I view Tech Trekker equipment?
  8. Equipment.pdf

  9. What lesson plans are available?
  10. Overview of lessons available: Lessons.pdf
    Specific lessons are found at the bottom of the homepage. Click on “View Lesson Guide” to open the file for a particular piece of equipment.

    The lessons provided are suggestions for how the equipment could be used in the classroom. Teachers are welcome to design their own lessons using the equipment. We encourage teachers to communicate how they will use the equipment with Tech Trekker staff when coordinating a visit. This will help to ensure that all necessary materials are available.

  11. Will Tech Trekker staff members teach students during school visits?
  12. No. Tech Trekker staff members are only permitted to set up the equipment and help the teacher use it. The teacher is responsible for teaching the lesson.

  13. Does the teacher need to be present during a Tech Trekker visit?
  14. Yes. The teacher is responsible for teaching the lesson. Tech Trekker staff are not allowed to be alone with students per CCSD policy.

  15. Can I schedule a Tech Trekker visit for a Career Fair or STEM/STEAM night?
  16. Yes, we are available to come to these events. However, classroom visits have priority. Career Fairs and STEM/STEAM nights may be requested no earlier than three weeks in advance of the event.

  17. How early should I request the Tech Trekker for a visit to my school?
  18. The earlier the better! We recommend scheduling at least three (3) weeks in advance. This allows enough time to complete the necessary forms and get principal permission.

  19. Am I guaranteed the date that I request?
  20. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific date. The Tech Trekker may already be booked for another event. We suggest proposing several dates that would work for visiting your school.

  21. How can I increase the likelihood that my request for a Tech Trekker visit is accepted?
  22. We encourage teachers to collaborate with other teachers in their schools to maximize use of Tech Trekker equipment during a visit, and we will give preference to these requests. However, we do not require involvement from multiple teachers in order to schedule a visit.

  23. Do Title I schools have priority over other schools?
  24. While all schools are eligible to request Tech Trekker, there is some priority given to Title I schools in regards to advance scheduling.

    • Title I schools: May be scheduled at any time
    • All other schools: May be scheduled up to 3 months in advance
    • Career Fairs, STEM/STEAM events, or School Clubs: May be scheduled up to 3 weeks in advance

Special Visits

Do you have a STEM / STEAM night or other special event like a Career Fair? We are able to accommodate some of these events in our schedule. Please contact Tech Trekker staff directly (techtrekker@unlv.edu) to inquire about scheduling a visit for a special event.

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