Program Overview

Tech Trekker is a mobile STEM lab that brings specialized equipment into K-12 classrooms in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. These pieces of equipment – including an off-grid solar energy system, solar thermal water heater, a mini-milling machine, and a Zortrax 3D printer – are intended to supplement teacher lessons and to assist teachers in meeting the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) relating to engineering design and technology.There is no cost for the program! All teachers are welcome to apply.

Tech Trekker enables science teachers to integrate technology into their classroom lessons with an added benefit - the assistance of a trained Tech Trekker staff available to facilitate the use of the selected equipment. In addition, we have some existing NGSS-based lessons to accompany the use of the equipment. Tech Trekker is not designed for simply providing classroom demonstrations but for hands-on activities that are integrated into the curriculum and taught by teachers.. (Exceptions - see “Special Visits” below)

Tech Trekker is available for a maximum of three (3) days for a school visit. (Days do not have to be consecutive.) We encourage teachers to collaborate with other teachers in their schools to ensure a productive school visit; however, we do not require involvement from multiple teachers in order to schedule a visit.

Please note that the school principal’s consent will be required before any scheduled visit.

Interested in bringing Tech Trekker to your classroom(s)? Follow these steps!

  1. Look at the equipment and lesson plans available on our website.
  2. Fill out the Interest Form. You can find this under “Forms and Documents” on the homepage.
  3. Tech Trekker staff will respond and gather additional information, if needed.
  4. Get principal permission.
  5. Communicate with Tech Trekker staff to schedule the visit.

Special Visits

Do you have a STEM / STEAM night or other special event like a Career Fair? We are able to accommodate some of these events in our schedule. Please contact Tech Trekker staff directly ( to inquire about scheduling a visit for a special event.

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